Type of Talk Name of the Speaker Institute Title of the Talk Date
Yuktibhasa seminar Prof. Probal Chaudhuri ISI Kolkata Simulated Annealing: Minimization by Monte Carlo April 15, 2024
Invited Talk Prof. Probal Chaudhuri ISI Kolkata Cramer-Rao and Rao-Blackwell : a tale of two fundamental results in statistics April 15, 2024
Yuktibhasa seminar Prof. E K Narayanan IISc Banglore Banach-stone Theorem March 21, 2024
Invited Talk Prof T V Ramanathan Savitribai Phule Pune University  All models are wrong, but some are useful; Are we 'focused' while selecting this 'useful' model? 'Focused' model selection for dependent data March 18, 2024
Yuktibhasa seminar Prof. G Ramesh IIT Hyderabad Completely positive maps on matrix Algebras February 29, 2024
Invited Talk Prof G P Raja Sekhar IIT Kharagpur Two-phase Flow models to understand enhanced oil recovery February 14, 2024
Invited Talk Prof G P Raja Sekhar IIT Kharagpur Mathematical modelling - population growth models in the context of biological tumors February 14, 2024
Departmental Symposium Multiple Speakers Details Schedule January 19 & 20, 2024
Visitor's Talk Dr. Manil T Mohan IIT Roorkee Navier-Stokes equations-The Million Dollar Problem. December 21, 2023
PDE Symposium Multiple Speakers Details Schedule December 09, 2023
Yuktibhasa seminar Dr. Mathew Joseph ISI Banglore A random string among random obstacles November 22, 2023
Visitor's Talk Dr. B. Suhas CMI Chennai The stability of kernel bundles over chain-like curves October 11, 2023
Visitor's Talk Dr. Devika.S IIST Trivandrum The Hessain discretisation method for fourth order elliptic equations October 09, 2023
Yuktibhasa seminar Prof N Narayanan IIT Madras Species of Structures: A short introduction October 4, 2023
Visitor's Talk Dr. Kousik Dhara IISc Bangalore Toeplitz, Hankel, de Branges and two truncated matrix moment problems September 29, 2023
Industry Academia Conclave (IAC 5.0) 2023 Dr. Tamal Banarjee (Nordea) and Mr. Pradeep Jha (JPMorgan Chase & Co.) Nordea and JPMorgan Chase & Co.   September 14-15, 2023
Visitor's Talk Dr. Anwoy Maitra IIT Kanpur The extension of planar biholomorphisms via the visibility property September 6, 2023
Invited Talk Dr. Varun Thakre Micron Technologies Where Topology meets Data Science August 11, 2023
Visitor's Talk Dr. R. Venkatesh IISc Bengaluru Some classification problems associated with root systems July 28, 2023
Visitor's Talk Dr Sarath Yasodharan Brown University, USA A Sanov-type theorem for unimodular marked random graphs and its applications July 11, 2023
Invited Talk Dr Arijit Dey IIT Madras Equivariant vector bundles on Toric varieties May 19, 2023
Yuktibhasa seminar Dr Manoj Kummini CMI Chennai Short Introduction to Invariant theory April 26, 2023
Dept Seminar Dr. Gopikrishnan C. Remesan IIT Palakkad Mathematics of tumour growth April 12, 2023
Yuktibhasa seminar Prof. Jiten C Kalita IIT Guwahati

Flow past a mounted wedge: The structures beyond Pullin and Perry’s experiment

March 17, 2023
Dept Symposium Multiple Speakers Details Schedule February 17 & 18, 2023
Dept Seminar Mr Aditya Das IIT Palakkad Bezout's theorem January 16, 2023
Visitor's Talk Dr Sunder Ram Krishnan IISc Bengaluru Persistence of stationary Gaussian processes January 16, 2023
Invited Talk Prof Arup Bose ISI Kolkata Partitions, Trees and Random Matrices February 03, 2023
Yuktibhasa seminar Prof. Siddartha Gadgil IISc Bangalore Solving SATisfiability problems November 30, 2022
Dept Seminar Dr Arpan Kabiraj IIT Palakkad What is curvature? November 16, 2022
Yuktibhasa seminar Prof. R. Ramanujam IMSc Chennai Mathematics of resource sharing October 26, 2022
Yuktibhasa seminar Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Natarajan IIT Hyderabad Algebraic Codes for Correcting Erasures September 1, 2022
Yuktibhasa seminar Dr. Sarang Sharad Sane IIT Madras The norms of cutting a rectangular cake into equal triangular slices September 28, 2022 
Dept Seminar Mr. Bharathi T IIT Palakkad An application of Hurwitz and Montel theorem August 24, 2022

Industry Academia Conclave (IAC 4.0) 2022

Mr. Shankar Maddu (Credit Suisse) and Mr. Anant Atyam (Meta) Credit Suisse and Meta Panel Discussion on Industry and Academia

August 13,  2022

Yuktibhasa seminar Dr. Sivaguru Ravisankar The TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics Overconvergence of Power Series April 18, 2022
Yuktibhasa seminar Prof. Jugal Verma Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay Counting roots of multivariate Laurent polynomials using mixed volumes of their Newton polytopes March 23, 2022
Yuktibhasa seminar Prof. Thamban Nair Indian Institute of Technology - Madras On Completeness and Denseness February 16, 2022
Invited Talk Prof. Sharad Sane Chennai Mathematical Institute Prisoners and Hats Problem; Introducing the Binary Hamming Codes January 25, 2022
Invited Talk Dr. Koushik Ramachandran The TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics Linear Algebra to the rescue November 15, 2021
Invited Talk Prof. Arindama Singh Indian Institute of Technology, Madras A proof of fundamental theorem of Algebra using linear algebra September 23, 2021
Invited Talk Dr. Krishna Hanumanthu Chennai Mathematical Institute Introduction to the Nagata Conjecture on plane curves August 21, 2021
Industry Academia Conclave (IAC 3.0) 2021 Dr Sandeep Bhupathiraju (World Bank Group), Dr Prasanna Muralidharan (Microsoft) and Dr Tulsi Ram Reddy (Deutsche Bank) World Bank Group, Microsoft, and Deutsche Bank Panel Discussion on Industry and Academia August 13, 2021
Invited Talk Dr. Somnath Basu Indian Institute of Science Education and Research- Kolkata How many pentagons does a football have? April 21, 2021
Invited Talk Dr. R. Venkatesh Indian Institute of Science Canonical forms March 16, 2021
Invited Talk Dr. Purvi Gupta Indian Institute of Science The Stone--Weierstrass theorem February 19, 2021
Invited Talk Dr. Pranav Haridas Kerala School of Mathematics A peek into the Jordan curve theorem December 4, 2020