B.Tech (All branches): The mathematics department is actively involved in the B.Tech programs of the institute. Several core B.Tech mathematics courses like Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential equations are offered by the mathematics department. The department also offers courses such as Probability, Stochastic Process and Statistics, Algebra, Complex Variables, Numerical Analysis, and others that are indispensable tools in several areas of engineering. In addition, the department offers several master’s level courses as electives for higher semester B.Tech students.

M.Sc Mathematics: The MSc Mathematics program provides students with a strong mathematical foundation and also offers an opportunity to specialise in diverse areas such as pure mathematics, applied mathematics, data sciences and theoretical computer science. The curriculum has 12 core courses and 8 electives which gives the students plenty of freedom to focus on the areas of their interest. Selected students will also have the option to pursue a project in place of some of the electives, helping them to gain hands-on training in a specific area. It is believed that this curriculum will help graduates of this masters program to pursue careers in both academia and industry.


M.Tech Programs: The department is involved in two interdisciplinary programs: M.Tech in Computing and Mathematics and M.Tech in Data Science. Students who join these programs take several core master’s level courses offered by the mathematics department.

PhD/MS(by Research): Students who pursue a PhD/MS(by Research) at IIT Palakkad get an opportunity to work in a wide range of fields in both pure and applied mathematics. The young and vibrant  faculty have ongoing collaborations with renowned researchers both in India as well as abroad. This gives PhD/MS(by Research) students in the department ample scope to work with, and learn from, some of the foremost experts in the relevant fields. The department is  very keen on having researchers in every major field of mathematics and are proactive to ensure that this is achieved in the near future.